Saturday, September 24, 2005

"A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss".

That was the premise behind the creation of the Rock and Roll magazine to end all Rock magazines. The problem is that a rolling stone's always heading down hill. At least the magazine is. I have the hardest time even picking it up when I see it. They entice me with a rock legend of old, then force you to sift through the most one sided childish intellect in the world. Hey no one said that it was a news magazine, I mean they are entitled to their opinions and that's fine. The problem that I have is that the readers of this publication have no ability to discern that there is a severe bias in what they are reading. I can tell when some has a conservative bias and vise versa. But as I went back to college again recently I noticed that many kids don't have that ability. Homer once joked that "it's on TV it must be true" the sad thing is that a lot of people really believe that. I read in the RS that if Monica Lowinski had swallowed that we wouldn't have to take our shoes off at the airport. This statement and mind set are reeling with falseness and bias that cannot be measured. But you have to remember that "a rolling stone gather no moss" that makes less sense to me now.


William Smith said...

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Oldhops said...

Ahhhhh good ole william smith... you genius

Jeremy said...

One word: Paste.

Karate Explosion said...

William, way to ruin a great blog you bastard. what the crap

Perry P. Perkins said...

I think you may be expecting a level of journaism that's just a bit above the target market of RS.

Let's face it, your average downtown Seattle, Starbuck slurping, Cobain wannabe, grunge-boy is going to need a dictionary just to read your post, much less an editorial.

That's assuming they have someone to show them how to use it.

Just be glad they're (RS) still using words as opposed to the all-cartoon far.