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Muse Building

Night Shots

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Pictures from Nicaragua

The trip was great!  It was such a blessing to be able to take my son to a place where everyone lives so much differently.  Then on top of that to be at the orphanage and get to interact with such great kids.  I think something that I will take away from all my travels but was evident again, is that no matter where you go, we are all the same.  God kept us safe, especially on the 12 seater plane with 1 pilot asleep the whole flight.  And more importantly we were able to show His love.
There are a bunch more pictures on my facebook.  come on over and check them out.

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  For those who don't know.  My 10 year old son Nash and I are on our way to a remote part of Nicaragua on December 27th.  This will not be my first missions trip, but it will be a new experience for Nash.  We are both very excited to work with the orphanage where we will be staying.  We will also be helping with the medical clinic working deeper into the countryside.
  I am taking some cameras with me and can't wait to show you some pictures and video.  I am going to try and layout the trip for everyone as it goes, so come back for updates.  Nash is really excited to make new friends.  He's been studying and knows more Spanish than I do!  (that is not really that big of a feat 8^).
  If you could keep us in your prayers and hearts during the time leading up to the trip as well as our time there, we really appreciate it.  Also for Joanna and Ethan who are not going with us, that they would have a wonderful time with family while we are gone.  If you would like to help financially that would be appreciated too as we have a bit of money left to pay. If you have any questions or thoughts please shoot me an e-mail at


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