Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wise Guys


It's been a while so let me give you the rundown. Normally I would write you one particular story about something in my life, but since we just got back from vacation I will hit you with a smattering. Please enjoy.

In the car on the way to vacation.

Dad: "what is that SMELL!?"

: Not looking up from his DS nods his head up.

: What is wrong with you!!?

: "It's called Stinkability."

After sledding on the mountain for 30 minutes

Ethan: "my feet are cold"

Dad: "Why are you wearing moccasin Slippers out here?!!

Ethan: "the Indians did it"

You will notice the slippers in the picture of them almost running me over, for real that just missed my face.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chip Off The Ole Block

This was Ethan last week. Needless to say the other tooth went as well. He lost 3 teeth in like 1 week. He came walking up to me and said...

"Hey Dad, You know that movie Cars?"


"You remember MAter the Tow Truck?"


Then he just does that face above and says...

"DADDDDdddGGgggUMmmmmmmmm" then "My RAddiatatooorr IS SHoottt"

I think a little snot came out of my nose.

I did video it and may present that later on down the line, probably at his wedding.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ethan was at the CRU retreat where I spoke this weekend and the games rules said you had to get from one side of the field to the other with out being caught. The game was over, but they gave Ethan his shot. 40 College guys "trying" to tackle Ethan. The look of Fear and Joy are so closely related.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Time Passes Slowly

Today on my friend Sam's birthday, many things begin to fall and shatter inside this little brain of mine. I start to think, when did this happen to me? What I mean is... these small pockets of maturity that seem to be rearing up around me without me having to directly think about them. Strange things are afoot indeed. I find it difficult to scare the crap out of my kids because of lasting effects. LASTING EFFECTS!! what the hell are those. It could be that I have a cold but I think it's something more serious. I think I'm getting old.

Happy Birthday Sam

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Old Lady and the Cat

So the boys found some kittens that were left at a house down the street when the people moved out. I figure its already animal kingdom around here anyway...what the heck. Well the 89 year old lady next door has a few funny quirks.

1. She is crazy
2. She steals
3. She likes animals

She really is very sweet and I have not proven that she steals on purpose, although I am close to cracking the case. A few weeks ago my dog started growling at the side door. I look outside and the Old Lady is in our garden taking tomatoes. Then she scurries off around the fence and into her house. I think she is playing the "ohhh I'm soo old I don't know what I am doing" card. I bet she has cable and a flat screen.

Well anyways. She likes taking these kittens into her house. This was really bothering Ethan. The other day I was on my porch and she couldn't see me and I saw this unfold.

Old Lady: (While trying to take the cat out of my 7 year olds hands) "Do you want to hold the kitty?"

Ethan: "Mrs. Pillars it's our cat."

Old Lady: (Still pulling on the cat.)"Do you want to play with the kitty?"

Ethan: "Mrs Pillars thats our cat."

Ethan finally let the cat go and walked away while the old lady rubbed her face all over the cat, like a coke addict. Ethan walks up to the porch, right over to me and says. " need to go set that old lady strait, she keeps taking my cat!"
So in my wisdom I said.."don't worry she'll be dead soon enough"

I didn't really tell him that,I only thought it. But the rest is true.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who Am I?

Photo by Pegg

The other day at Church the sermon was about our identity.

Stay with me on this.

I found out today that I wouldn't be teaching at RU this fall. I was an adjunct art professor, and I always knew that the position was tenuous at best. I had a great time over the past few years teaching, but there was something else going on. Aaron became Professor... Aaron got blurred, maybe not outside but inside. The other day at church brought the reminder to me that I am Aaron. Son of God and thats who I am, thats what I will always be. No matter what I do or accomplish or don't accomplish, I know who I am...

I am Aaron... a Son of God.

the next post will be funny I promise.

Monday, July 21, 2008

GO AHEAD (whats the worst that could happen)

I was recently reading something that talked about Gods plan for our life. The writer made the comment that if you have Gods Spirit in you, and you are in a living relationship with Him. You don't need to ask Him what to do in every single little decision you make, because He is IN every single little decision you make. And if you stray he will come in and move on your heart, at those times you pause and seek the direction that He is giving. So go ahead...what the worst that could die?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Giving The Finger

Sometimes my dad just gets bored with the same ole' same ole, so he goes and changes things up. He says to Mr. Boredom "forget you Mr. Boredom!" and salutes him with the universal sign of freedom. Sometimes though, the saw blade... I mean Mr. Boredom says "I think not sir...I think not."

Friday, June 27, 2008

Camera Computer Ink

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kickin It Off

Well I just couldn't take the pressure. Actually it just looked like everyone was having a good time.

Awhile back I was playing whiffle ball with Ethan and Nash, it lasted about 10 minutes then we just started throwing whiffle balls at each other. Naturally since they started it, it was my duty to shut it down. So I brought the heat. They are 7 and 9 now, they can take it. Well needless to say Ethan took a ball in the back, and fell down and did the SIISsssssssss SIIssssssssssss hissing sound that you make when things sting. I asked him if he was OK and he said "You threw that like 90 miles an hour" So I informed him that there was no way I threw it that hard, I said "maybe like 20 bud" And then he uttered pure wisdom. "Well in kid calculations it was more like 90...I quit"