Monday, July 21, 2008

GO AHEAD (whats the worst that could happen)

I was recently reading something that talked about Gods plan for our life. The writer made the comment that if you have Gods Spirit in you, and you are in a living relationship with Him. You don't need to ask Him what to do in every single little decision you make, because He is IN every single little decision you make. And if you stray he will come in and move on your heart, at those times you pause and seek the direction that He is giving. So go ahead...what the worst that could die?


C said...

Just saying hello! SO glad that you are blogging again! :) I love seeing photos of the's crazy how fast they are growing! Love and miss you guys!! :)

Hahn House said...

i read that in "the shack"

Katlyn said...

I love that photo!