Friday, September 19, 2008

Time Passes Slowly

Today on my friend Sam's birthday, many things begin to fall and shatter inside this little brain of mine. I start to think, when did this happen to me? What I mean is... these small pockets of maturity that seem to be rearing up around me without me having to directly think about them. Strange things are afoot indeed. I find it difficult to scare the crap out of my kids because of lasting effects. LASTING EFFECTS!! what the hell are those. It could be that I have a cold but I think it's something more serious. I think I'm getting old.

Happy Birthday Sam

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Old Lady and the Cat

So the boys found some kittens that were left at a house down the street when the people moved out. I figure its already animal kingdom around here anyway...what the heck. Well the 89 year old lady next door has a few funny quirks.

1. She is crazy
2. She steals
3. She likes animals

She really is very sweet and I have not proven that she steals on purpose, although I am close to cracking the case. A few weeks ago my dog started growling at the side door. I look outside and the Old Lady is in our garden taking tomatoes. Then she scurries off around the fence and into her house. I think she is playing the "ohhh I'm soo old I don't know what I am doing" card. I bet she has cable and a flat screen.

Well anyways. She likes taking these kittens into her house. This was really bothering Ethan. The other day I was on my porch and she couldn't see me and I saw this unfold.

Old Lady: (While trying to take the cat out of my 7 year olds hands) "Do you want to hold the kitty?"

Ethan: "Mrs. Pillars it's our cat."

Old Lady: (Still pulling on the cat.)"Do you want to play with the kitty?"

Ethan: "Mrs Pillars thats our cat."

Ethan finally let the cat go and walked away while the old lady rubbed her face all over the cat, like a coke addict. Ethan walks up to the porch, right over to me and says. " need to go set that old lady strait, she keeps taking my cat!"
So in my wisdom I said.."don't worry she'll be dead soon enough"

I didn't really tell him that,I only thought it. But the rest is true.