Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Old Lady and the Cat

So the boys found some kittens that were left at a house down the street when the people moved out. I figure its already animal kingdom around here anyway...what the heck. Well the 89 year old lady next door has a few funny quirks.

1. She is crazy
2. She steals
3. She likes animals

She really is very sweet and I have not proven that she steals on purpose, although I am close to cracking the case. A few weeks ago my dog started growling at the side door. I look outside and the Old Lady is in our garden taking tomatoes. Then she scurries off around the fence and into her house. I think she is playing the "ohhh I'm soo old I don't know what I am doing" card. I bet she has cable and a flat screen.

Well anyways. She likes taking these kittens into her house. This was really bothering Ethan. The other day I was on my porch and she couldn't see me and I saw this unfold.

Old Lady: (While trying to take the cat out of my 7 year olds hands) "Do you want to hold the kitty?"

Ethan: "Mrs. Pillars it's our cat."

Old Lady: (Still pulling on the cat.)"Do you want to play with the kitty?"

Ethan: "Mrs Pillars thats our cat."

Ethan finally let the cat go and walked away while the old lady rubbed her face all over the cat, like a coke addict. Ethan walks up to the porch, right over to me and says. " need to go set that old lady strait, she keeps taking my cat!"
So in my wisdom I said.."don't worry she'll be dead soon enough"

I didn't really tell him that,I only thought it. But the rest is true.


Leah said...

Nice. Thank God she has a thing for cats and not kids.

Chris Sigmon said...

hahaha... i think I just woke my daughter up laughing so hard.

nice post man.

Andy said...

Haha! don't know which is funnier, the crazy batty old woman or Ethan thinking you can straighten her out.

thanks for the post and the laugh man.

Jeremy said...


i bet she has cable and a flat screen.

DrD said...

cable and flat screen....see, she is crazy

Char said...

That was so funny! Playing the "ohhh I'm soo old I don't know what I am doing" card really can be very useful though, I'm finding.

See you soon, Aaron.
Grama Char

Anonymous said...

Rub the cat down with habenero powder, send it into the old lady's yard, and have the video camera ready...

You didn't hear this from me.


thetraditionalplastic said...

why didn't you set that lady straight and punch her right in her mouth

vandorsten said...


this is the best story ever.

auroraborealis23 said...

maybe she's just lonely and does have some sort of mental derangement that she cant' help? we should pray for her.

funny occurance non-the-less.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your blog aaron, you are such a good father :) Ryan and I really look up to you and Joanna!

We miss you all!

love melissa and ryan