Friday, September 19, 2008

Time Passes Slowly

Today on my friend Sam's birthday, many things begin to fall and shatter inside this little brain of mine. I start to think, when did this happen to me? What I mean is... these small pockets of maturity that seem to be rearing up around me without me having to directly think about them. Strange things are afoot indeed. I find it difficult to scare the crap out of my kids because of lasting effects. LASTING EFFECTS!! what the hell are those. It could be that I have a cold but I think it's something more serious. I think I'm getting old.

Happy Birthday Sam


thetraditionalplastic said...

well how nice of you to put that picture up of me... haha

DrD said...

Happy Birthday Sam. Hope you had a good one.

Aaron, it is worse when you realize your kids are the same age as you are and then realize, no, I am not that young when did THAT happen!