Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wise Guys


It's been a while so let me give you the rundown. Normally I would write you one particular story about something in my life, but since we just got back from vacation I will hit you with a smattering. Please enjoy.

In the car on the way to vacation.

Dad: "what is that SMELL!?"

: Not looking up from his DS nods his head up.

: What is wrong with you!!?

: "It's called Stinkability."

After sledding on the mountain for 30 minutes

Ethan: "my feet are cold"

Dad: "Why are you wearing moccasin Slippers out here?!!

Ethan: "the Indians did it"

You will notice the slippers in the picture of them almost running me over, for real that just missed my face.


Crystal said...

very nice!! they are growing so fast!!!

i want you to come guest post on my blog...and share one of your special aaron the time your mom served you vomit for breakfast or when you smattered poop all over the bathroom walls because you barely made it...or didn't. :)

one of those fun stories...we are naming our child the same name as you... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

You're dad's a wuss! Don't let hime fool you, I have video of him singing in a dress!

-Uncle Perry

The Jake said...

You almost received it.
Great picture.

ccp said...

"nash looks up from his DS".

ummm....Luigi just got one for his 30th birthday. is there something wrong with that?

i love your family. and we miss you. pray for a sudoku spot MUCH closer to you guys.

Leah said...

Do you have an address for Linguini? We'd love to send them a new baby gift!

padre said...

remember when reading this blog that you are reading the words of the master of embellishment. the vomit was only a threat which by the way worked ... i'd like luigis address as well