Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chip Off The Ole Block

This was Ethan last week. Needless to say the other tooth went as well. He lost 3 teeth in like 1 week. He came walking up to me and said...

"Hey Dad, You know that movie Cars?"


"You remember MAter the Tow Truck?"


Then he just does that face above and says...

"DADDDDdddGGgggUMmmmmmmmm" then "My RAddiatatooorr IS SHoottt"

I think a little snot came out of my nose.

I did video it and may present that later on down the line, probably at his wedding.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious and, at the same time, a little scary, lol!

Just wait 'till he sees the video of his old man in a dress singing "Little Red Riding Hood."


Jeremy said...

haahhah.... bring it Perk

DrD said...

Ah teeth, you have to love em.

auroraborealis23 said...

he must have made a killing from the tooth fairy that week haha