Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Personal Fight Club

Have you ever had an imaginary fight with someone in your head? Not like your sitting somewhere and someone says something and you think to yourself later I should have said this or that, but an actual imaginary fight with someone that perhaps you don't even know. This happens to me all the time and the funny part is I actually get pissed off like if I really see them I will be mad at them.
The whole reason I bring this up is because it happened to me last night with this old lady neighbor that lives next to the property we bought. That's right an old lady! No one is safe. Long story short by the end of the whole thing I had fed her cats antifreeze, but that's only after she tried to get my dog hit by a car. This in it's self is scary enough, then I thought. I wonder what will happen when we really meet.

That bitch better watch it.


Jeremy said...

Holy crap!

She doesn't even know! What did she do wrong? Exist?

That last line made me piddle.

Karate Explosion said...


well strike me pink.

Aaron have we ever fought...who won? I bet it went like this...

You hit me in the face...then i butt punched you into an oblivion.

Perry P. Perkins said...

Dude, you're gonna get hatemail over that antifreeze line...

We are frighteningly alike.

Vic will look at me and say...

"What did I do, you look pissed."

And I can't say anything because "I was kicking this imaginary guys ass" would sound too stupid.

We should probably both be on meds.


Dr D said...

Should be?