Friday, September 16, 2005

Nothing Left To Say

When there is nothing left to say is usually when I say the most. I guess it's because I feel uncomfortable with the way the conversation ended. Or the look in the other persons eyes. I have been known to make a joke at the worst time possible, but really I just want to cry and walk away in silence. I wonder why I can't just shut-up and stand in silence. I guess I think I am always going to say something great that will change their mindset.
But alas I just look like a giant ass.
I'll shut-up.


Jeremy said...

Listening changes mindsets.
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Oldhops said...

HEY your blog made me write that. Nancy boy

van.diesel said...

Hmmm... a Yves Saint Laurent handbag, eh? I'm in!

It's true - listening does change mindsets. I'd probably drive you nuts though, 'cause I'm the guy who doesn't mind silence. That usually drives folks who talk alot bonkers. Either that or they like that they can talk for long periods of time uninterupted.

Karate Explosion said...


you have crossed over you hand bag wearing punk

Jeremy said...


I don't know who the photographer is that took that picture of you with a water bottle and a guitar but tell him or her to point the camera at your face next time. And tell them not to quit their day job.

You have a great blog. Keep it up. Maybe you would be interested in a Tumi MANBAG.