Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reasons why I don't get it

Well here is my worst case scenario coming true right before my very eyes. Last night when I posted this blog of mine I thought "hey that's not bad", it could even possibly be seen as amusing.
But that's where everything took a terrible turn for the worse. It was pointed out that number
1, it is the 21st century and that
2, I didn't link the other blogs that I told you to read.
Now I knew that I didn't do that but the reason was because I could freakin figure out how to link them!!! So the reality is I actually am just coming into the 20th century.

Ok here are some absolutes about myself, I can't stand someone that won't listen to reason, I can't stop thinking that life is like a movie and that everything I do is being viewed by everyone around me like I'm TV. And I use numbers to break up my points.

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Jeremy said...

"What are you doing tonight?"
"Watching Aaron."