Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why Farm Animals Scare Me

The truth is, it's not just farm animals. It's all dumb animals, and I mean really dumb.
I think that's why there are some people that really make me nervous to be around. It's not that they are necessarily a huge physical threat as much as they are really unpredictable.
A trait of these types of animals is the BLANK STARE. Like they are not just in another world, but the ruler of that world. And when they do notice you, it's like they are startled by you. This is where my problem lies. I don't think that they are necessarily violent animals, or people. Maybe they are just scared, scared that you, some alien, are so close to them. Now they are cornered, and we all know how a cornered animal will react.
And if you are ever wanting to come to grips with this fear I would suggest not going to a petting zoo with adult animals and a giant paper bag of food. This guarantees a confrontation. And nobody wants to see you punching a goat over a sac of dry corn.
My suggestion is to just stay away.
If they don't come when you whistle. They are dumb.
And that goes for cats.


Oldhops said...
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Perry P. Perkins said...

I agree with everything you say!

Two points:

1 - Nothing takes away the fear of a big, dumb animal like some burning mesquite and a good Carolina bbq sauce.

2. Cat's ARE aliens, they are unnatural and probably a threat to all mankind. Worse case scenerio, see #1.


Oldhops said...

Says the man feeding a giant cat

Jeremy said...

holy crrrrap.

smells like fryed pussycat!

i chuckled..... great post.


Andy ries said...

Nice one... but honestly....

If you were a Lion King character....

you would be a wildebeest....

talk about dumb...