Friday, October 07, 2005

A Dogs Life (A morning in the life of Charlie)

What is this!?
My neither region hasn't been cleaned in at least 20 minutes I need to get on that.
hallway.. hallway.. hallway.. bedroom.. bed..
ahhh you lazy bastard get up! get up I tell you. If he doesn't get up now I swear I will pee directly in his...
OoHHH hey buddy your up ! Yeah it's me it's me it's me hey hey heyheyheyyehe no nononononnon AHHHHhhhh shit he's out. bed.. bedroom.. spin.. spin.. spin.. floor
Ohh my neither region. Hello there buddy where have you been.


Anonymous said...

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Karate Explosion said...

Aaron your blog is great, maybe this boner pill will interest you.

Seriously that was awesome. I love Charlie...probably more then myself.

Jeremy said...

they say it takes a while for writers to find their voice.

you found charlie's.... or sam's...... no charlie's.