Thursday, April 20, 2006

"JJ Drinks His Own Pee"

He doesn't really, but he said that was the funniest sign he had ever seen in his time at DUKE. I got to go to an appreciation dinner for JJ last night at the Hotel Roanoke. The county of Roanoke declared April 19th JJ Reddick Day, so adjust your calendars accordingly.

Two things stuck out in my mind last night. The first was how classy of person that JJ was, and that he had a genuine concern for the kids who were there.

The second thing is more important in my mind. JJ's highschool coach said that "God never puts a dream in your heart that He doesn't give you the skills to attain. But, you may have to do some work to get there". That really spoke to me. Number one it has to be Gods dream that is in your heart, but second is that things don't just fall in your lap. JJ was a prime example of that. Not a highly athletic guy, but he worked harder than anyone else on the court. He said that he wanted to be remembered as the guy who never took a play off. He gave 100% all the time. I think that life is the same way. I know I can't say that I haven't taken several plays off. It's good to be encouraged by someone who exhibits Godly quality's not just in his speech but in his actions as well.


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It's kind of hard to still hate the guy....but I'll try my hardest!