Monday, April 17, 2006

Following the Leader

God is so great!
His Love and Grace are never ending!
Something neat that for some reason I was unable to remember was that to follow God, you have to keep him in sight. I got myself in a place where I was following what God wanted for my life, but without walking with Him near by. The burden became too much. He said that He would help me carry my burden, but I couldn't see Him. I had let him get out of sight when I thought I could do it on my own. A relationship is built daily. Thank You God for never leaving me or forsaking me, my life is in your hands. Only you are mighty to save.


Curtis said...

Goooooood word.

Jeremy said...

Transformers- eeaaoooww... more than meats the eye.

Jeremy said...


van.diesel said...

Best Sound-Effect Spelled Out: "eeaaoooww" - kudos, Puerg.

A-ron: ditto curtis. this is going to pass, so set up an ebenezer - so you can look back and remember when times get fat again.

padre said...

Amen ,,, Eat the grass, drink the water and stay real close to the Shepherd and you'll be fine.