Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ethan Turns 5!

The big day is this Saturday. The littlest one gets bigger. Time is not measured by the clock or the callendar, it's measured by the growth of kids.

-Aaron 2: 3-4


van.diesel said...


samb said...


i cant wait till may 20th. That will be a HUGE blog day for us. Hopefully you will grow a pair and not give in you sucker.

Diddy said...

"Aaron 2:3-4"

Is that a Bible verse? I can't find Aaron in my Table of Contents. Are you Muslim?

Oldhops said...
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Oldhops said...

I've started numbering my quote's to make it easier for people to Quote me.


"get behind me Diddy"

Aaron 2:5

padre said...

Great pics ... the one in the doorway is for sure a father and son shot. A chip off the old block.

As to numbering quotes, "whatever" padre 3:7

raynav said...

he's adorable!

Jeremy said...

what is going to happen on may 20?

nice pics