Friday, January 27, 2006


YESSSSSSSSSS. I went to the DUKE game last night with my good friend Ryan. Who I must say orchestrated the best basketball experience of my life. YOU ARE THE MAN!

So there I sat 2 rows from the court surrounded by all tech fans, who kept yelling at the refs for everything. So after I had a few yell backs that got no reaction, I had to bring out the A game. So towards the middle of the second half I moved into action. Waiting for a quite moment. After tech missed more freethrows and the guys just got done yelling at the ref I said:

HEY REF IT"S YOUR FAULT THAT WE CAN"T HIT A FREE THROW! (this got an amused reaction from surrounding Tech fans)

A couple of minutes later after they yelled at the ref again, and it got quite I yelled.

HEY REF IT"S YOUR FAULT THAT OUR TEAM SUCKS AT BASKETBALL! (not so amused reaction, we are getting there)

And then last, after another ridiculous "hey you missed that call" at the refs. I yelled...

HEY REF! IT"S YOUR FAULT OUR BASKETBALL PROGRAM IS HORRIBLE! (ahhh yes the reaction I wanted, much grumbling) Also to which Ryan replied, "you are so not walking out with me"

and after a tech dunk on dukes point guard, the drunk behind us had one more genius bit of trash. Take that Paulis YOU SUCK!
Which I kindly replied too at 100 decibels and hands cupped over my face turning to him.

SCOOOOOOOORRRRRRREBOARDDDDDDDDD! (the fans no longer talked around us)

scoreboard indeed!