Friday, December 02, 2005

For Your Amusement

Sometimes funny things don't happen to me, which in turn makes it difficult to write funny things down. Which is something that I like to do. I like to make people laugh, at almost any expense.
So I have tried to fill those droughts of hilarity with thoughts I've had or something that I've worked on. But alas that went over like a led balloon. I have discovered that I am here for your amusement. And the funny thing is that it's a cage that I have created. I need your laughs so bad that I can't stand to disappoint. And this is not just here on this blog, but everywhere. I need accolades like nobody's business.
But I have preconditioned everyone around me to think I am joking 100% of the time. So if you don't like something that I did in all seriousness I can say ohhh I was just joking. So I have decided to not worry so much if you like what I write or make. It's for me anyway...

...Well that's not true either.

quick somebody laugh, I think I'm gonna cry.


diddy.9000 said...

"Chicago is dead to me."

What does that mean exactly? Why you hatin?'

Oldhops said...

DOOOOOOOOOOOD tell that bastard Sam to get his own material.

Chicago is not dead to me. I'm not scared to say that I like them, I dig that old sound.

My friend Jeremy said one day with a flip of wrist that Chicago was dead to him. I just had the hardest time with a band being dead. Never to rise again.

Well unless it's Jimmy Eats World

Jeremy said...

i can only tell you that somehow i meant that on a deeper level than any of you can know.

here is why: i put no thought into it. it came out of me.

i was born in chicago.

good to see you back Mr. Fuente.


young hops said...

Chicago rules those sappy love songs makes you wanna cry I didn't just say that did I oh boy. ANYWAYS hey aaron hahahahahahahahahahahaha now start crying you old man.

DrD said...

Actually, he was born in Chicago Heights which is a dingy, dirty little suburb (Jeremy, you are from the burbs!) on the south underside of Chicago. It was an area we didn't even drive through if we didn't have to but the hospital was there. Snowed the day he was born.

DrD said...

Oh, and Aaron, you are one of the funniest guys I know. By the way, I took a serious post off my blog because I got ONE comment that didn't take it seriously and I couldn't stand it.

samb said...

Aaron...seriously...i recently wrote a blog on mysite about the lack of ingenuity and thoughtful creation...unknowingly I think, you are as close to genius as it funny bastard