Monday, November 07, 2005

All Will Grow Old

Ahhhhh stupid youth. I remember when I would run backwards to taunt the old guys trying to keep up with me on the basketball court. I think in my mind I really thought that I was just faster than them. I couldn't understand that their frustration was due to anything other than my obvious physical advantage over them. Like maybe the fact that they used to be fast.
OHHH how the mighty have fallen. Yesterday was the Old guys VS Young guys annual football game. At our church we have a lot of college kids, so the cutoff is 25 and up are on the old guys team. I know it not very old, but we, and by we I mean anyone over 26, can agree that there is a great difference between 20 and 26.
As I hobbled to my car after an hour and half long game ending in triple overtime. I saw all the arrogance that comes with youth, and thought to myself, between shooting knee pains.
"Those Bastards"! Then I smiled to myself and thought, someday they will be old and slower than before. And since you reap what you sew.
They too will have a pimply faced kid who couldn't touch them in their prime, run half speed backwards and still get away. Not that someone ran backwards on me, because the old know that even the young must rest. And revenge is a dish best served cold.
And if you are older and you don't think what I am saying is true, then you probably play softball, and love it.
Because that's where athletes go to die.


Karate Explosion said...

20-26 i dont quite agree with...but i did poop my pants when you said softball is where athletes go to die

Joe said...

u did well running for an old man with kids slapping at your hands while trying to catch a ball. and no matter how old you get, you will always be tall. stay proud of that.

Oldhops said...

i hate both of you!


Curtis said...

i try to stay humble about being young and full of energy. because i do realize that one day i'll be old and sore all the time. heck, i'm sore now. and sorry about that time those two guys tackled you. that was crap.

Oldhops said...

I'm just glad you read my blog.

DrD said...

What's that saying? "Youth is wasted on the young"?

What the... said...

You said "church football" and "those bastards" in the same entry. sucker!