Friday, March 10, 2006

Words I wish I could Write

I have found myself often entranced by a well described scene. I will read something and the words seem to lift and move my imagination to where it would never have thought to go. I think that's why I like really good song writers, and lyrics that tell a story. Leaving me thinking...DAMN! I would never have thought of putting that word to that action. Here is the example that spurred this thought. By the way if you can tell me the singers who wrote these lyrics I will give you a big pat on the back. Pegg and Diddy you have to wait for 1 hour after reading to post to give others a chance.

"Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake"

(Extra Credit) artist and song, and not very hard. "lights flicker from the opposite loft, in this room the heat pipes just cough"

AND HEY I want to give credit where credit is due. Rayna, a girl I knew what seems an eternity ago turned me on to the Beatles, so there that is.


Beasley Ries said...

1. "Homeless" by Paul Simon from the Graceland CD

2. "Visions of Johanna" by Bob Dylan from the Blonde on Blonde CD

Come on, Aaron, you gotta come with better stuff than that. Real, quick...what movie is this from? "Blackhawk down! I repeat, we have a Blackhawk down." Or maybe you could answer this question..."Who died on a cross a couple thousand years ago?"

With all that said...great post, brother. I've been missing your posts lately and was ecstatic when I saw that you posted and was once again not let down.

Keep it loose, keep it tight!


Oldhops said...

DAMN IT hahahhahah

sweet, I will make it tougher next time.

blackhawk down, is that Pee Wee's big adventure?

j truitt said...

i was gonna cheat and google those lines. but then i realized it would be, well...cheating.

in other news, it was good to see you again the other day at Cracker B.

Jeremy said...

I love Arlo Guthrie.


samb said...

I love Phish

Somiah said...

Great song! i've been waiting for you to post something. i love seeing the artwork and photos you are digging into. how are my boys?

samb said...

well shit just keeps getting worse doesn't it. This has become like a Gap or Abercrombie...and i am in no way referring to your post.

But cool picture...

Diddy said...

I think it was the Graceland LP. And the Blonde on Blonde LP.

Diddy said...

. . . and Google has made internet music trivia a thing of the past.

Karyn said...

You write really goodly. Seriously, I know the feeling of hearing something and wishing you came up with it, but even if your posts aren't of the poetic nature, coupled with your pix you create a pretty great reflection of your life.
The one I wish I thought of:
The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation.
Everytime I hear that I think "Oh man, why couldn't I have put that in ink?". Not poetic, per say, but goodly.
Take care.