Friday, February 03, 2006

What a Brother Does, and What He Doesn't

My dad used to tell us. A brother never fights with someone else against his brother. You ALWAYS stick up for your brother. I think my dad was John Wayne. I think it was his way of extending his protection to the playground through his covert operatives. Namely my older brother, who was known to think that only he could hit his brothers, everyone else couldn't touch us.

I think the feeling of knowing that at any point in a problem you would have guaranteed help. That's what my dad set up in us. And now I have carried that over to a few very close people. It's not always fighting either, just being there in a time of need. To KNOW that you have a partner, a friend, someone who is fully invested in your problem, it is now theirs. I am thankful I have a God better than all 5 of my brothers.

brothers do fight, but they don't hate.


samb said...

its true...not having any brothers, and not really liking that many people, there is a tiny list of people i would step in front of a bullet for, namely because they would for me.

and this is in no particular order...

1. Aaron
2. Pegg
3. Diddy
4. JVD
5. The Snake

that may be it...if i thought harder i could come up with a few more. I enjoy not investing into too many peoples friendships, because the ones who i do, and they do back are like brothers. And brothers dont shake hands, brothers gotta hug...but if any one of yous ever hugs me, its over.

samstroud said...

man i did a really poor job of communicating any of which emotion i was trying to. I love being a man sometimes, and sometimes i wish i had a vagina.

Jeremy said...

truth brother. truth.


diddy said...

Good word, hops.

WAR Sam desiring female "stuff." Dude, come over at 3 for some General Hospital . . . and bring your . . . eww, nevermind.

young hops said...

it's funny chad never beat me up just you guys for beating me up and you never really stuck up for me when jesse was wiping my head in dog pee OH NO you were laughing your ass off but hey like you said no matter what we got your back.

van.diesel said...

Mmmm... bullets... *drool*

Sam if you ever mention wishing you had female genetalia again, i will punch you in the nads. Cuz that's what brothers are for. Punching each other in the nads.

padre said...

your words inspired me to create my own blog ...sela4u ...later

j truitt said...

i wish i had a brother.
and i further wish that brother was not sam.
(did you see what the sicko posted!)